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6 photographs replacet on the gallery North America - USA - Kentucky


Grays Arch, Natural Arch of Kentucky, Natural Bridge of Kentucky, Princess Arch, Sky Bridge, Wagon Arch


1 replacement on the gallery North America - USA - North Carolina


Rattlesnake Ridge Arch


6 new arches on the gallery Europe - Greece


Arch near to Blue Caves, Arch near to Micro Nisi Islet, Blue Caves Arches, Keri Caves Arches 1, Keri Caves Arches 2, Korakonisi Rock Arch


A new arch on the gallery USA - New Mexico


Arco Fantastico


3 new arches and 3 replacements on the gallery Europe - Slovenia


Pokljuska Arch, Pokljuska Luknja, Unnamed Arch near Rak River, Mali Naravni Most, Unnamed Arch above Mali Naravni Most, Veliki Naravni Most





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